National Register of Historic Places

There are 20 properties in Powhatan that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Seventeen of those properties are listed as historic buildings and 2 are listed as historic districts.

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Place/Property Address/Location Year Established
Areas of Significance
Beaumont Beaumont Road, within the
confines of the Learning Center
1811 Architecture
Belmead 5000 Cartersville Road
Mid 1800s
Architecture, Religion,
Social History, Education
Belnemus West of Powhatan off Route 60
1799 Architecture
Blenheim 6177 Blenheim Road
Prior to 1800
Elmington 3277 Maidens Road
1858 Architecture
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
2390 Emmanuel Church Road
1843 Architecture
Fighting Creek Plantation
1811 Mill Quarter Road
1842 Architecture
Fine Creek Mills Historic District
2425-2434 Robert E. Lee Road
As early as 1730
Architecture, Commerce,
Industry, Transportation
French's Tavern
6100 Old Buckingham Road
1730s Commerce/Trade, Transportation
Huguenot Memorial Chapel and Monument
985 Huguenot Trail
1701 Culture, Recreation, Religion
Keswick Huguenot Trail
Early 1800s
Agriculture, Architecture, Social History
Mosby Tavern
2625 Old Tavern Road
1740 Architecture, Commerce,
Norwood Huguenot Trail
After 1770
Agriculture, Architecture
Paxton 3032 Genito Road
1819 Architecture
Powhatan Courthouse Historic District
3880 Old Buckingham Road
(Present Courthouse - 1848)
Architecture, Government
Provost 1801 Cartersville Road
Early 1800s
Red Lane Tavern
3009 Lower Hill Road
1832 Architecture, Social History
Rosemont 4747 Cosby Road
1898 Architecture
Somerset 2310 Ballsville Road
1775 Architecture
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
2245 Huguenot Trail
1844 Architecture