Powhatan is made for Agribusiness! Rural farm land producing some of the finest products around and serving as the best platform for niche agricultural businesses. Come visit Powhatan for a taste of the niche farming culture growing here! 

Hobby Hill Farm Fresh

Hobby Hill Farm Fresh LLC brings fresh
breads, candies, gourmet pretzels
and jams & preserves to local markets,
specialty and retail stores.
Check out their website to see all
their specialty products.

Manakintowne Specialty Growers

Specialty growers providing fresh vegetables,
herbs and flowers to the RVA market and restaurant scene.
Produce can be found in some of Richmond's finest restaurants
and at Ellewood Thompson's grocery store.

Casselmonte Farm

Growers of produce such as heirloom tomatoes, Shiitake mushrooms,
potatoes, berries and baby ginger. The farm is known for their collaboration
with Hardywood Beer in creating the Gingerbread Stout with Casselmonte

Shalom Farms

Non-profit working farm producing an array of vegetables and fruits to provide 
under served neighborhoods with fresh produce at affordable prices. Volunteers 
provide a majority of the labor to give back to a deserving community initiative. 
Produce can also be found at select RVA restaurants and Ellewood Thompson's 
grocery store.

Chadwick & Sons Orchids

Niche grower of orchid varieties with a unique orchid boarding farm. Orchids are
grown, cared for and boarded until optimum blooming times in a tropical
greenhouse climate. These orchids have been received by numerous first ladies
of the White House and celebrities. Orchids can be bought at the farm or from the
retail store located in Richmond.

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Submit Your Business

To have your Powhatan agribusiness included, please fill out the Agribusiness Information Sheet (PDF) and fax it to 804-598-7835.