Goats & Alpacas

Breeze Hill Farm

Breeze Hill Farm raises dairy goats for the milk, which is used in the production of goat’s milk soaps and lotions. They also produce wool and fiber products from sheep, alpaca, llama, mohair, and cashmere. To arrange a farm tour, please call 804-598-8310.

Buck Ridge Farm

Buck Ridge Farm located at 1260 Schroeder Road specializes in the breeding and selling of alpacas. They offer farm tours upon reservation on Saturdays and can accommodate private tours at other times upon request. For more information, call 804-598-0804.

Flint Hill Mini Farm

Flint Hill Mini Farm is a cashmere goat breeder located at 2413 Flint Hill Road. They also offer cashmere fiber, raw or processed, and homemade soaps and bath salts. They also sell goat kids. Call 804-598-2721 for more information.

Gem View Farm

Located at 1680 Jeter Road, Gem View Farm specializes in alpaca sales and fiber production, as well as alpaca products, some handmade. Call ahead for a tour of the farm and fiber demonstrations at 804-598-6768.
A woman holding an alpaca at gem view farm
alpacas at shady nook

Holly Spring Homespun

Holly Spring Homespun is a yarn shop at 3860 Old Buckingham Road. The owner sells and breeds cashmere goats to make yarn and do the roving for spinners. She also raises angora rabbits and chickens on her farm on Michaux Grant Road. Call 804-598-2232 for more information.

Moli Ranch

Moli Ranch is a Huacaya alpaca breeder at 4260 Lockin Circle. Call 804-598-0361.

Shady Nook Alpacas

Shady Nook Alpacas can be found at 2290 Barley Farms Lane. It specializes in alpaca sales and fiber production. Goods made from alpaca fiber include socks, scarves, sweaters and handmade handbags. Call ahead and they will give you a tour of their beautiful farm at 804-598-5497.