Historical Churches & Cemeteries

Corinth Christian Church is located at 2901 Judes Ferry Road. 

Emmanuel Episcopal Church is located at 2390 Emmanuel Church Road.  Designed by Alexander Jackson Davis in the Gothic Revival style of architecture, this beautiful church was completed in 1846.  The cemetery holds the graves of some Confederate soldiers. This property is on the National Register of Historic Places.  

Fine Creek Baptist Church is located at 3619 Huguenot Trail. 

Grace Church Cemetery, located on Rocky Ford Road, is said to be the burial site of the first Confederate soldier killed in action in the Civil War. 

Hollywood Baptist Church is located at 3964 Old Buckingham Road.

Huguenot Springs Confederate Cemetery is located at 911 Old Confederate Cemetery Road.  A Confederate convalescent hospital was established near this site at an antebellum spa and hotel.  Locals volunteered their time and limited resources to care for the soldiers here.  This is a mass grave site containing the remains of more than 250 soldiers with only 92 tombstones found.  
Emmanuel EC
Manakin Episcopal Church
Little Zion Baptist Church is located at 5680 Cartersville Road.

Manakin Episcopal Church is located at 985 Huguenot Trail.  This congregation’s history dates back to 1701 when the French Huguenots first settled in the area after fleeing persecution from their country. On the property you will find the church in use today, the old church dating back to 1895 made out of salvaged materials of a church built in 1789, and a monument in dedication to the original French Huguenots that settled in the area.  This property is on the National Register of Historic Places listed as Huguenot Memorial Chapel and Monument.  
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church is located at 5780 Mount Moriah Road in Ballsville.  

Muddy Creek Baptist Church is located at 3470 Trenholm Road.  General Robert E. Lee and his family attended services here during their stay in Powhatan the summer of 1865.  

Old Powhatan Baptist Church is located on state Route 612, past Powhatan High School and near the Luck Stone Corporation quarry. Though the physical building is only 40 years old — a fire consumed the former structure in January 1971 — Old Powhatan Baptist Church can trace its roots to two young Baptist preachers imprisoned in 1770 for preaching in Chesterfield County, according to the church's history, which doesn't elaborate. Upon their release in 1771, William Webber and Joseph Anthony organized the church with 81 members in what was then Cumberland County. Originally known as DuPuy's meeting house, the church took the Powhatan name when the county was formed in 1777. 

Shiloh Baptist Church
 is located on Old River Trail.  World-renowned artist Julian Benford painted a mural entitled "The River Jordan" on the archway behind the pulpit.  

St. Lukes Episcopal Church and Cemetery is located at 2245 Huguenot Trail.  The oldest grave in the cemetery is dated 1846. Many of General Robert E. Lee’s relatives are buried here, including his brother and a nephew, as well as many Civil War veterans.  Built in 1844, this church and its cemetery are on the National Register of Historic Places. 

St. James Chapel is located on Old River Trail.